Potion Bears

This mod adds Teddy bears that, when activated, give a potion effect

This mod adds 16 Bears that each give a different Potion effect.

When the bear is placed or first activated it will face towards you. Sneak + Right Click to turn it towards you again.

In order for it to do something you must first right click it with a diamond.

Only after you activate it with a diamond you can click it again to gain a potion effect.

You will know that the bear is activated, when it starts glowing and the eyes turn into a diamond color If you break the bear, you get the not activated bear back. You will then have to activate it with a diamond again.

Each bear has a different Potion Effect. Here is a list of what bear does what:

Color Effect
White Speed
Orange Fire Resistance
Magenta Health Boost
Light Blue Water Breathing
Yellow Glowing
Lime Instant Health
Pink Luck
Gray Invisibility
Light Gray Levitation
Cyan Regeneration
Purple Strength
Blue Jump Boost
Brown Haste
Green Hunger
Red Absorption
Black Wither
Sponge Removes all effects


Created 2/8/2022 (1 years ago)