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This post is a legacy post. It was created on the old site (pre 2022). The information here may not be up to date anymore.

Useful Interior 0.13 Update

Posted by ostpol 1 years ago

First update for Useful Interior of 2019!

Here is a list of changes and additions:

  • Added Ice Bucket
  • Added Packed Ice Bucket
  • Added Red Sandbox
  • Added Gramophone
  • Changed Vegetable Mix Recipe
  • Changed some Freezer Recipes
  • BUG Empty bookshelves now work with enchanting tables. Fewer books = less effective. (thx Darkfiend009)
  • BUG Breaking a Street Lantern would break multiple blocks above the lantern. (thx Heriptik)
  • BUG The Trash Cans now have a GUI and work on Servers (thx DonRedhorse)
  • BUG Breaking a bookshelf with silktouch would still return an empty bookshelf. (thx just_some_user)

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